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Wax Tablets

Aqua Wave Soy Wax Tablet | Set of 2

Aqua Wave Soy Wax Tablet | Set of 2

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The Aqua Wave Soy Wax Tablet is a refreshing addition to any home, designed to evoke the serene and invigorating essence of a coastal breeze.


Ideal for creating a calming and revitalizing ambiance, these wax tablets are perfect for any room in your home.


Hang one in the entryway to greet guests with a breath of fresh air, tuck one into a drawer to keep your linens smelling like a seaside retreat, or loop one around a hanger in your closet to infuse your clothes with the invigorating scent of the ocean.


Disclaimer : This photograph is for representation purposes only. The flower decoration on top may vary.

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